桑沢デザイン研究所を卒業後、ストアーマネージャーなどを経験し、2004年に渡米。ヴィンテージショップの勤務やセレクトショップのバイヤーとしてキャリアを積み、帰国後はショールーム ADONUST にてプレスを担当した後に独立。

文化女子大学短期大学部専攻科を卒業後、企業ブランドにてパタンナーを経験し、2009年に渡英。帰国後はコレクションブランド A DEGREE FARENHEITにてパタンナーとして勤務し、その後独立。


Established by the Higuchi brothers ; Kimihiro Higuchi (elder brother) and Ayano Higuchi (younger sister).

: Kimihiro Higuchi
After graduating the Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo, Kimihiro gains experience working as a store manager. He then moves to the United States in 2005 working at vintage shop and also as a buyer for selected apparel shop in New York City. Steadily building up his career in the fashion industry, Kimihiro returns to Japan where he starts his work as a press for showroom ADONUST.

: Ayano Higuchi
After graduating Bunka Women's Junior College in Tokyo, Ayano starts working as a pattern maker for a retail-clothing company. She later on moves to the United Kingdom in 2010. After moving back to Japan, Ayano resumes her job as a pattern maker at A DEGREE FARENHEIT, a Tokyo collection participating brand.

Officially started their own brand in A/W 2013 where they have made their first public appearance at a joint fashion exhibition.